Luxe Aesthetic is a new, contemporary lifestyle blog for young women everywhere featuring two sister's perspectives and experiences with fashion, beauty and college life among other things. The site was launched in summer 2013 and hopes to become a source of inspiration, information and girl talk for young women around the world who share a passion for all things feminine, fun and fabulous. The mission of Luxe Aesthetic is simple; to inspire young women to create their own luxurious aesthetic for themselves beyond what society teaches.


Growing up, we shared a lot of things in common as sisters and seeing as we were only a year and a half apart it was pretty easy to. One thing we didn't share in common was our taste in fashion. A tomboy and a girly girl until the ages of 16, we practically swapped roles in recent years and have watched our tastes change and alter a lot. Now, as college girls and aspiring professionals in very different fields (Fashion & Psychology), we've decided to collaborate on something we've both grown addicted to. Blogging! Learn more about us here and here and don't forget to contact us if you'd like to know more or ask a question!

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